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Do you have a Christ-centered testimony related to a significant life transition? If so, we would be honored to share it with others through a virtual live interview. We're particularly interested in exploring questions such as:

- How did you experience the Holy Spirit's work through love, grace, and transformative power during this pivotal time in your life?

- Can you share insights into how your relationship with God evolved and deepened before, during, and after the transition?

- Which Bible verses provided you with the most comfort, guidance, and inspiration throughout this journey?


Your story has the power to inspire and uplift others who may be navigating similar transitions in their own lives. Your willingness to share your journey of faith could be a source of hope and encouragement to many.


To apply to share your Christ-centered testimony, please complete the below application and someone from our Team will reach out to shortly for additional details.  

Application for Sharing Your Testimony

Thanks for submitting!

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