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Encouraging & Connecting Women during Life Transitions

Now more than ever, women are faced with more life transitions, higher levels of stress and anxiety, and a vast array of societal expectations. Life can leave us feeling isolated, disconnected, and discouraged. The good news is that we can love and support each other during pivotal times for better outcomes.

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Let's do this together!

Do any of these transitions sound familiar?

- Changing careers

- Retiring

- Marriage

- Getting a divorce

- Blending a family

- Having a baby

- Adopting a child

- Becoming an empty nester

- Becoming a single parent

- Trying to start a family 

- Taking care of an aging parent

- Taking care of an ill family member

- Recovering from a major illness/accident

If so, you are not alone and we would love to invite you to upcoming events and connect you with other women who are experiencing a similar transition. 

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